About us

xMELT is a Cannabis-inspired Clothing Brand founded in 2020 in United Kingdom by two Italian guys who wanted to introduce something totally innovative in the 420 fashion.
 xMELT founders wearing HALLOWEED. Collection
We’re always focused on bringing you 100% unique designs with creativity, exclusivity and high quality as main attributes, together with our iconic melted weed leaf and crazy colors!
AZURITE. Weed Leaf Hoodie details
Our mission is to spread the cannabis culture and beauty to everyone in the world through a great mix of clothings, art and obviously passion for our loved Marijuana, defining new "Weedwear" standards.
 LoveDank welcomes xMELT in their first interview
Find out more about xMELT, who’s behind it and lots of curiosities about the Brand in our first interview with LoveDank here!